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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  July 14, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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(crash) boy, these waffles look great. captioned by the national captioning institute neighborhood on edge..- edge.(woman) ""omeone came in their ouse while they were right in the yardd..." yard...."how police aae defending themselves agaanst complaints that they didn't - responn fass enoughh enougg.a woman undee -3 arrest.... whh she's giving the phrase....messyyddvooce" a whole new meaning. meaning. 3
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she wants from justin timberlake. &&ptiiberlake.and bbnaaa versus -3& gorilla. the ccll phonn video of a bizzare sssult. 3 hello i'm jennifer gilbertt -3 gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. new nformation.../ pin aastory... you saw first on ox..../ pábaltimoreáá policc... re defendinggtheir response time.../ after....getting a burglary call.../ while the victii... says... the crime... wws in ppogress..../ progress..../ ááeitháá daniels,.../ 3 answers... from police.. kkeih. &p neighbors say 6 of have been bbrglarizee.... the latessthappened ver thh that buuglaryyttat's causing conceen toniiht. 3 the homeowner, who -3 does not want o be iddntified, said she arrived home satuuday afternoon.. found her window andddoor open. the woman thought shee
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she callee poliie.. hour tooget there... police say thaa's because the & hhmeooner never said the crime was actually happeninn at that - moment... that made hee pall low priority, a non--mergency. 3 3 "even still, a wholeehour later, no, it's still unacceptableeto me. burglary in prooress or the doorropeen -3 or however they code it. it ssouldn't still take over aa hhur to respond." againntonightt. a police & ssokesman sayss a the time of thh homeowner's call.....officees in the area werr busy with aaout 50 other calls...... live in northeaat baltimooe, keith daniels, foxx45 news late edition. 3& new 3 information.../ on... 8 year oll.../ - daarick broon..... átteeáá bbltimorr boy... reccntly kidnapppd...// áábrown'sáá father... gt... a call.... - from.. a person...// - demanding... 500--ddllars...// - 33 poliieesay.... &pnaahaniel booker....
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áááookeráá says... the idnapper...// -3& ááneighhorsáá say.../ they... saw someone... leave... wheee... brown...// 3 11:18:02 i said that's the littleeboy iising nd -3&pptarted ddaling 911 becauss e ppone to calllhis grandmother. :10 :1011:18:29 and oh my goodness they were cryiin thhy were so happy to see him ad crying &pall at the saae time. they were shaking thhy had me shaaing but was just so pappy he was backkhooe safee::2 wittout baal../ - 3& a termmnallyy -3&pill man who wanted to die with diggntt....alked ouu of a prince geerge'sscoonty hosppial to go home. but a in thh ospital after being -3pbeat up by a cop. &pperson'ssreport as filed wwen -3 geerreemccullum disappearedd when a -ffoo-fourr 240 pound mccullum walking oo the road &pmccullum sayy heewas punched. tteecop claims
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mccullum ttrned violent. 3 "when he pulled up where dd yoo think you're going aad i said i'm going home nddhe aid, oh you're not oingghome..i ssii yes sir, i am goinn hhmeeand that'sswwen e grabbed me." me." whiie police say hey are nottpursuing ssauut chhrres aaainst the terrinally -3court motiin hopiig assault charges will be brouuht aaainst the cop.. -3 3 tonight, it'ssillegal to smmoeein howaad county's parkk. parks. ptts the first of its kind law time offenders will be asked to put out tte ciggrettt. you kicked out of the park. --&pp get busted aathird time, you coull get find uu to aa & thousand ddllars. arlier weeasked: do yoo & ssoke in public parks?? you were mixed on hhs one... one...debo writes on facebook: "i respecttthe non-smokers,why don't they respecttthe smokkrs?" wwites:"if you wwnt to smooe, fine, buttpoison yourself, not me or my family, pleess. three cheers for howarr counny!"
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3 grand prixx 3 thh thhre-day event - officials want to give te public a head start on & planning. today - they hhld the first oo three the race will affeet ddwntown 3 6:22 miior inconveniencee will.... road closures 41 &p 3 officialsssaa he key is to -3 plannaaead. 33 you can find moreedetails aboot the traffic changes by going to our web site - slash newwlinks. 3 bad day... for... the pressdent.... preeident.../ u.s.... epp tim scott.... ssys ... barack obaaa... should be imppaahed.../ if... he oveesteps his authoritt...//
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nationns debt limit.../. á scottááá said... any attempt by obama... to raise the debt liiit.../ -3 pithout congressionall -3&approval.../ iss.. - offense....// áááooeáá argue... that obama - under the fourttenth amendment to the constitution -/ áhasá the auttority... to raise the debt ceiling.../ of his wn volition..../ ááothersáá say... thats a mis-innerpretatiin oo thh 3 bizarre day.... ááshe'lláá likely wear 3& live underr n assumeddnamm at - a secret locatton.../ frrm prison... this - weekend, .../ áásheááá as fouudd.. not guilty.../ lasttweek... of killinn her 2-year-old -3 daughter.../ áábut á was convicted... of lying tt police... about... áátheáá verdict... áááeportssá inddcate... shh's been the... -3 ttrgee of death threats 3&p ddys... fttr... mila kunis... accepted a outtbe invitation.../ too.. attend a marine corp ball,.../ pall,,../ ááheráá "friends with benefits"... co-star.../ has received... a similar & pequest.../ . áácorporaaáá kelsey... de santis... posted 3&&pjusttn timberlake bee err date!.../ áátakkáá a - ... listen
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3 p3 3 . no orr from ,3 ttmberlake...// áábut byy 33 the looks of the guys behind keesey... justin better 3& last december,.../ a... porrs landmmak ccllaased.../. áátheáá - catastroohic failure... was caused byy.. the eeght of heavy snow...//. átheáá fabric roof... - ripped.../ dumming - tons of snow... on the vikings &p te... vikkigg to play the -33 rest of their home games.../ -33& somewhere elss. 3 today.../ the....nnw,, stronner ttan teel rrof... -3&pwas inflattd..../ áafteráá &p onths of work ...and... 18 million doolarss../ thee ááthisáá time lapse p../ of... inflatiig &pthe dome ../ takes hours. 3 -&p3 anothee day f severe weatter. weether..- 3 but... the woort
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f it... missed baatimmre and turned vytas reid is ere with your &p3 3 pthe system ttuly is as strong only as iis weakest link." link." and there are some very weak links. wwere thee
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are and howwthey could lead o america. 3 "sse waan't like, niiee just by lookinn at hee youu pould tell." tell." that's ann unnerstatement. cutting t off wasn't enough, what shee & ddd next o makk urre er sick &&p3 cops ttze almost everyone -3 in this hallway. thh reason ttis mob was out for bloodd honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends.
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3& many u.s. llies are not keeeinggtrack f & nformatiin abouttterrorists. - p hat means maay may be &pslipping hrrugh the sscurity &&pcracks aa we speaa. catherine herridge rrports -- 3neew -- for the -s. -33 u-s. 3 p 3& fox newssootained draft cooy of the new gao report that &p9/11, ggpping holessremain in terrorist databaaes overseas -3 as wwll aas assport securiiy. senatoo susan collins is the senate homeeand security - ccmmittee. collins ssys: "the & system truly is as sstong only as its weakkst link."according mann countries hve et to 3 fake documentt, suuh as birth pateway to a enuine passport. deecribed as weakkwith mmny - countries using no security ffatures ssch as biometriis to prevent frauu and wwdeespread & peans a wink and nod ill get a suspectedd errorist ptroughhaiippot securityy even with
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bin laden's deeth at this commound in may, pakissan remains the base ffr al qaeda's core eadership 3 wwo replacee the al qaeda leeder. yet, pakistan's &psuupected terrorists is subbtandard. collins says: ii -3 is stunning, hat akistan which is supposee to be our -3 terrorism, does not eeen sharr -3 fingeeprint dataawithin its own doesn'' &pssare it wwih other pakisstni law enforcement agencies.. thaa's real prrblem."whilee passport seccrity has improoedd in the us, a former homeland seccrrty official says the gap overssas remains a serious &ppprbllm. sweet says: terrorists,,thhy can't carry --3& outttheir plotsswithout thhm. on the defensive hommlaad & gamee,we're ppobably at an aa ah, iffi give us a grade aarrad, with our partnees, aaain some of that is out of our control,,we are proobblyy closerrto a c."someeforrer -& intellofficials say the u-- --3 phhuld use llveeage to ssure comppiance wwth high ecurity standards. for sooe nations, others it's a efusaa to -3& cooppraae. in those cases,, penalties ould include educing or eeiminating gatess in the u-s forrthat couutry's
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3 washington, ch, fnn -3 p3 lawmakers are calllng for -3 an ivestigation... intoo.. news orr's ppactties &in the u... & oo the world"... wws canned by rupert mmrdoch foo &pphooe hacking,reports surfaae.../ that it may have appenee n u.s.. -3 soil...//. tonight, lawwakers... are calling for a full investigation of news corpp which owns fox news....// they are looking into -3 alleggtions hat reporters haaked the cell phonn accounts and voicemmill of ssptembee & 11th victtms. a... clifornia midss... offdivorcing her hussand,.../ is... under arrest - -/ ááforáá putilattng... her husband. husband. policee sayy.. atherinee &pbecker... made her husband.../ a nice dinner.../ --3&p laced... with somethiin.../ to knock hhm ut...// ááwhenáá he camm to...// ásheáá -3 p as... utting off is ppnns...//// áthhnáá disppsed of it.../// - in...the garbbgg... &p disposall../// áááecker''ááá heldd.. dollars... bail.../// ááheráá
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husband''s.. in -3 ssrioos condition 3 fiiss fly 3 iiside a courthouse in ttcoma -33 waahington..arseleehenderson &pps aacused of heewas being led ii for triaa.... - past officers..and threw thee & man to the ground...... kicking his headdcommon sense take justtce iito yoor own hands.officcrs hhd... to use ptsers.. to stop thh aatack. common sense says it's just a praak.but police still have to assaalt..rian enco dresses up 3 cenner in ohio three days a pommooe dressee up as a banana attacked hhm. cell phonee appears the bananaa &pptill lookiig foorthe fruit. 3 it... looks likee.. 3 pw dodged ...theeworst
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of the 3 today. but has the storm threat passed?? chieff & meteorrlogist vvtas reiidii & here with yyur sywatchh 3
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3the s will playyffr the championship offthe womme's &pworld ccup..bruce cunningham uulimited....-
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you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. ,3 the reearkable ride continues --3 for the us women's soccer team...on sundayy they will play ffr the world cup
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& tttte....heii first - appeaaeance i the chhmpionship sincee1999...theyyadvanced today with a thrrlling win france... secood half.....atchhtied at 1...79th inute...lauren kick...anndabby wambach sails in with the heeder...shades of sunday's thriller ovvr & leads 2-1...and palex morgan addssthh -3 insurence, beating francc that...the us wins 3-1 and advvncessto the finals where they'll play jjpan 3 3 to the nfl, where 3& theeyre stiil egotiating an end o the lockout..the rookie
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&pthe trmbling blocc, but they continue tt toillawwy..and -3pthat leaaes everybody in limbo..ownees,coaches, fans, esppeially the rookies... & rookies...former erp nd rookies...who's passing he time the best eecan.smitt opting to stay ccose to owings mills.... wooriig out in lannover with enhanced trrininn champions ss he's 3 the lockout ends.he's staaing --3 in shape, studying tte playyook, nd getting help from somm new ffiends. 3 3 meenwhiie, back to the lockout...ttree verr high -&pmanning, ddew brees and tom prady issued a join statement -3 today saying the overall proposal mmde by the players --3
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is fair tt both sides and it's time to ggt the deel one... it'' signifigant becauue the thhee areeamong the 0 pllyerss who filed antitruss ssits against the ooners at the beginning of the for the leegue? a pokesmaa - says ittagrees with he three -3 players & 3 thereeare thoss who 3 steelers ii one of the great & ivalries in sports..steelers & safety ryan clark does not agree...he says theeravees don't win eough to call it aa rivalry...oh yes he dii... did... hhrrison...the sseeler the latest issuueof men's journal, he his own qqarterback...haarison paid ben roethlisburger needs to stop trying to be peyton maaning...says arrison you 3& paii likk far aa roger goodell, hhrrison called hhm, among ooher things, a - crook, a devvlland tupidd.. after beiig fined over 100,0oo dollars for illeggllhits lastt &pssason, arrison allo saii and will neverrrespect him... all the steelerr will ssy iss commmnts att n appropirate & time...i'll bet they will...-3
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3 back here in baltimore....with the aal starr league baseball goes back to &pwwrk tomorrow...the oriolls open up aa9 gaae homestaad with the firt of foor agginst the cleveeandd 3 start for the oos tomorrow, & despite pitching in relief laat sunnay... sunday... & a nice storyyfroo hheall tar & game...yankee caacher ussell - partin asked american league &pmanager ronnwashington to let place, givvn that it was his fiist aal star gaae...and martin didn't get tooplay at all...martin said simppy, i wieters called it annunsslfish act..nicely ddne. &p ooioles and indiann, toomrrow niggt at 7:05...bacxk 3 3 -33
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&p you can be in charge of your own personalizeddforeeast. i-radar issnow available at foxbaltimorr dot comm p use the interaative tools to your street. go tt oxbblltioreedottcom and click on iiradar - 3&&pthat's ll for the laae -3 edition...thanns for joinnng 3& jennifer sure to
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ttne in o foo45 mooniig
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